LED dimmer 90W

LED dimmer 90W

Led dimmer built-in phase cut-off (trailing edge) This inexpensive basic built-in LED dimmer phase cut-off is the "budget model". - Good quality for a very low price! - 0-90W LED - Suitable for most covering materials - Soft start system - Small installation depth (24 mm) - Suitable for alternating / hotel switching & cross switching - Press / knob The dimming quality and applicability for this very low price is unique! Working with almost all LED lamps. Delivered with clear Dutch manual. All LED lamps (with or without transformer) suitable for this phase cut are suitable for this LED dimmer. With this universal dimmer you can dim both LED lamps and halogen lamps. It is suitable for phase cutting and phase cutting and selects the correct source itself. This can also be set yourself. With its 24 mm, this dimmer is extra thin (depth). With the supplied accessories it is suitable for almost all buttons. Suitable for all brands of cover material The wall dimmer is suitable for all known brands of cover material (dimmer button + frame). For some brands it is necessary to order the compatible accessories. fits under single and multiple cover frames.
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Smart switching and dimming

Max. load INC/HAL 100 W
Max. load LED 100 VA

Electrical parameters

On-mode power 100.00 W
Input voltage 220|240 V
Input frequency 50 Hz
Input current (DC) 0.50 A
Safety class II
Dimming methods Trailing-edge

Performance parameters

IP rating IP20
Operating temperature 0|45 °C

Mechanical parameters

Dimension of article length 70 mm
Dimension of article height 70 mm
Dimension of article width 43 mm
Net weight of article 0.04 kg
Material housing Aluminum
Color housing Black

Logistic data

HS code 8537109090
Single packing dimension length 6.00 cm
Single packing dimension width 8.50 cm
Single packing dimension height 11.50 cm
Single packing gross weight 0.10 kg
Master carton dimension length 38.00 cm
Master carton dimension width 34.00 cm
Master carton dimension height 45.00 cm
Quantity in master carton 100 pcs.
Master carton gross weight 10.90 kg
CBM of master carton 0.06 m³
Single packing plastic material weight 2.00 g
Single packing paper material weight 36.00 g
Master carton plastic material weight 200.00 g
Master carton paper material weight 4332.00 g



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